What inspired
The Confetti Academy?

From a glimmering foil confetti piece, and #poptheconfetti, an idea was born. Ever so pretty on its own, but as the pile of confetti grew, so did its impact and its beauty.

Each confetti piece didn’t compete for the limelight, each didn’t need to be the same shape, or colour, or size. The very best confetti mix, a true combination of them all!

That is exactly how founder, Megan Ftouni, felt about bringing together people; incredibly talented, diverse, party people!

From the stylists, to the bakers, and the memory makers, no event is ever possible with one alone. It only made sense for Megan to bring them all together.

It was Megan’s desire to create opportunities for those creative minds around her to connect, learn and grow. Collaborate and co-create. To be surrounded by like-minded people who could understand the highs and lows of the business, the excitement and adrenalin of the industry, and could support and inspire one another. From the established business, to the curious student and every guest in between.

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Megan Ftouni

Megan Ftouni

Founder of The Confetti Academy

I’ve forever had a love for the events industry. An industry where we celebrate our very best of days. Where we create engaging ways to learn, to teach, to sell and to dream.

Milestones, champagne and of course confetti!

Growing up in the creative and innovative hub that is Melbourne, I have always been inspired by the colour and energy that this city embodies. Being able to be a part of an industry that nourishes and celebrates creativity, beauty and passion was in my blood – which is how I found my way into the world of events!

After completing high school, I studied Event Management, and relocated to London to further my experience and scope in some of the city’s most recognised locations, managing some truly breathtaking, world-class events.

Returning home, I continued my Event Management journey, and was honoured to be recognised in industry publication MICEnet as “one to watch”, awarded Meeting & Events Australia Special Event of the Year in 2012 and seated on the board of the International Special Events Society.

Throughout my early career it was the inspiring team, incredible suppliers and industry groups with whom I was surrounded that provided me endless enthusiasm and encouragement for what we were achieving. Mentoring, leading and learning from all the magical moving parts that are required to deliver a successful event. 

However, my greatest driving force (and let’s be honest, greatest challenge!) has been parenting; building my very own little tribe of mini humans! It meant a break from my career as I knew it, but also the start of the very next chapter, leading me here to The Confetti Academy – an organisation through which I can collaborate, connect and share inspiration with other like-minded events entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

I’m excited to #poptheconfetti and celebrate together, and can’t wait to see you at one of our next upcoming events!