6 - Donut Bar by Dessert Boxes - The Confetti Academy presents Samantha Khater

The Confetti Academy presents Samantha Khater

On Thursday, August 1st we welcomed a crowd of our VIPPs – VERY Important Party People – to the leader in homestyle Lebanese dishes – Mama Manoush (www.mamamanoush.com.au) in Brunswick East, where we indulged in a spread of food, festivities and big bold ideas! 

Welcoming Samantha Khater from Dessert Boxes (www.dessertboxes.com.au) to the stage, our inspiring events entrepreneurs were treated to a sugar, spice, naughty & nice insight into the world of creating, knowing and living your brand. Samantha took us through her journey from her start-up family business giving life to a multi-platform dessert-gifting empire whose presence is as remarkable as it is polarising, and that, she remarks, is the key to its success. Samantha highlighted the importance of starting conversations with your audience and creating content with which they will engage, and enjoy. Our takeaways from Samantha’s brilliantly bold chat were to create a brand that speaks in a consistent and well-crafted tone of voice, one that humanises your brand and caters directly to your audience. Samantha also discussed how our audience is influenced by us – but more importantly – the people engaging with, and loving, our brand, are our brand’s true influencers. We are more than just a product, or a service – what we present to the world is an experience, and the people who love us most are the people who can communicate authentically to the rest of the world what is so great about what we do. 

Following Megan & Samantha’s hilarious heart-to-heart, we took a quick break to enjoy a mezze and main selection of Mama Manoush’s mouth-watering home-style dishes (needless to say, no one went home hungry!). 

Guests were then joined by our Innovation Panel Speakers – Tash Craven from Sketch and Etch (www.sketchandetch.com.au), Jacquie Sharples from Little Designer Club (www.littledesignerclub.com) and Sarah Borg from Banging Hangins (www.banginhangins.com.au) – 3 innovative leaders making waves in the creative and events spaces. 

Tash took us on a journey from her snap decision to move, penniless and without a plan, to the western surf coast of Melbourne, and how throwing herself wholeheartedly into a seemingly small opportunity to help out a friend in his warehouse, turned into the uber successful signage and stationery business Sketch & Etch, specialising in custom neon and acrylic artwork for corporate functions to special events. Sarah from Bangin Hangins (whose creations were showcased in the other-wordly backdrop of our panel!) pressed upon us the importance of taking your audience on the journey of your craft, and being confident in your financial worth. Jacquie from Little Designer Club talked us through the evolution of her friendship turned business partnership with co-founder Lauren, and how it’s important to ‘Just Ask’ – the worst thing that can happen is hearing ‘No’! Jacquie also shared how important their mantra ‘Family, Friendship and Fun’ is to keeping their brand, their vision, and their partnership on track. 

As with any great event, it was not only the #inspo from our maginificent speakers that pulled the day together. It was the conversations at tables over falafel, sambousik and mains from the charcoal grill (#seriousfoodspo!), not to mention the wickedly good Crafters Union Wines (www.craftersunionwines.com) – where ideas were shared, lightbulbs were lit and friendships were made. And here at The Confetti Academy, that’s exactly what we’re all about – co-creation and collaboration! 

As fond farewells were shared between friends and collaborators (old and new!) our guests were treated with DIY Dessert Boxes from Samatha Khater, perfectly paired with the sweet Originals Lab (www.originalslab.com) gummy bear earrings, and customised mirror name-plates crafted by Sketch and Etch (www.sketchandetch.com.au). Notepads, bellies, and goodie-bags were well and truly bursting at the seams! 

We were so honoured to spend the day with some familiar faces and also some debut VIPPs – if you weren’t able to make this one we would be THRILLED if you would join us to #poptheconfetti at our next event in September which is shaping up to be equally unforgettable!


With thanks to our Event Partners

Venue: Anthony, Mama Manoush instagramwebsite
Wine: Crafters Union Wine instagramwebsite
Donuts & Nutella: Samantha, Dessert Boxes instagramwebsite
Gummy Bear Earrings: Yvonne, Originals Lab instagramwebsite
Streamer Wall: Sarah, Bangin Hangins instagramwebsite
Acrylic & Neons: Tash, Sketch and Etch instagramwebsite
Photography: Sarah Glasson Photography instagramwebsite

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